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Guild Wars 2 Game news
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Service Updates

Welcome To The Drums of War[GW2 Gates of madness]
      We are a Casual Guild Focused on fun
WvWvW, and Dungeon parties. We seek active players to 
represent our guild so we can grow and continue providing upgrades for you
We currently have a Vent server, This site along with a facebook page, and a guild stash
5% xp boosts for the public, and working on the magic find aswell


Guild News

The Drums of War is Now a Guild Wars 2 Guild!

fbifatguy, Sep 19, 12 3:53 PM.
The Drums of War has moved to the gates of madness world, on Guildwars 2. We are no longer active on swtor, and this website is used as a fourm base. We have a facebook page that we use for alot of social contact with memebers outside of the game. This site acts as a place for those who don't want/or use facebook. I will update all the links, and Tib manages the facebook page to his liking. Stay tuned for more! New memebers please sign-up with us for awesome fun times.

Nightmare modes

fbifatguy, Mar 2, 12 12:37 AM.
DoW is now 4/5 EV nightmare, and had another flawless HM KP. We are looking into clearing nightmare KP within the week.
Our second ops team is coming along nicely.

Updated Progression~

fbifatguy, Feb 24, 12 5:17 PM.
The drums of War is now 5/5 KP hardmode, and 4/5 EV hardmode. Soa is going down soon, and we are looking to start nightmare content!
    DoW is still building it's second raid team. we will help them gear and progress, so we can have equal progression between our teams.
We are still seeking Social and PvP memebers! send a tell in game!
-may the force be with you

We killed a man once

fbifatguy, Feb 11, 12 11:10 PM.
The Drums of War is now 4/5EV hard-mode 8-man, and 3/5 KP 8. we are seeking a Sorc healer, and select ranged DPS classes for our main progression team. we request these applicants to be geared, and ready to jump into hardmode content. this entails having all epic mods, and atleast hardmode flashpoint gear. we Raid every Tues/Weds at 5 Central Standard Time (CST)
We are still accepting all players wishing to PvP or just hang out. Please check our forums for contact information.

Preparing for raids

fbifatguy, Jan 4, 12 2:00 PM.
The Drums of War is now 5/5 EV Normal, 3/5 EV Hardmode, and 3/5 Karagga's Palace Norm. We are working on our second raid team. If you would like to be apart of it. please let me know. and work on your gear via HMs and other things. see you all in game.
Update(We have a BH(tank), and Sniper core spot open)
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